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To me the universe is a giant spectrum of greys (and many, many colors

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Truth is Where You Find it

Triggers...more than likely.... I am up far too early most days (every day).  As I try to start my day, I will play one of those match games on social media.  It's mindless (mostly) and it allows me to think... Continue Reading →

Coping with Fibromyalgia

I don't know...but just in case...figure on some triggers I was diagnosed with fibro quite a few years ago; maybe 15-20 years.  Before that I spent over a decade going from doctor to doctor because I was always in pain... Continue Reading →

When No One Listens…

Trigger warnings a plenty   The covert dark triad narc would tell me so many times that should anyone (and I guess I should have realized before it was repeated so many times that I was included in that... Continue Reading →

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

Maybe some triggers...who knows I spent many, many years asking doctors why I was in pain.  Why I couldn't sleep.  Why I was always exhausted.  Well, they threw drugs at me and sent me home to be an overwrought, over-emotional,... Continue Reading →

Kindness Counts in Healing

triggers I was journaling, as I oft' do.  And what came up sort of surprised me.  I was ruminating on the various mistakes, mishaps, and just plain fuck ups of late.  And something hit me...I was being way too hard... Continue Reading →


triggers The abuser is a dark triad, malignant covert narcissist.  And he's a coward.  He will use any means that does not lead back to him to do damage. He, more than once, mentioned his sniper friends who would "reach... Continue Reading →

How Many Times….

triggers ...are you going to rehash this? Ever hear that?  Ever expose your tender underbelly to someone only to have them basically tell you to get over it and move on?  And, maybe they didn't say it quite so harshly...but... Continue Reading →

No Defenses

Trigger warnings...(I should just make that the name of the site for pete's sake) I got a newsletter and it sparked some thought that is not new to me, but I've not yet recorded.  Here goes... When it comes to... Continue Reading →

Humans are Confusing

I don't know...maybe triggers... Asperger's has it's good points.  I don't mind most of my quirks.  It's only when I have to interact with humans that it starts to get tricky.  And, living amongst them, it's kind of necessary to... Continue Reading →

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