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To me the universe is a giant spectrum of greys (and many, many colors

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Anniversary Triggers

Okay, if you've lived through any abuse or trauma, there are dates that set you off.  One of mine is quickly approaching.  It was a very difficult moment for me.  It was a necessary one.  It was one of the... Continue Reading →


Compersion is basically when you feel happiness for someone else because they are happy.  This, however, is a rough road when you're in a relationship and the other person wants to either move on or to enjoy the company of someone... Continue Reading →

Things that make you go….

....hmmmmm Probably trigger warnings.... I've not been feeling well.  My fms has kicked in to join the party.  So it's a whole lot of "bleh". A friend checks on me from time to time...."feeling any better?"  Well, no...but I try... Continue Reading →

Empath Overload

It's not a new phenomenon.  But sometimes the realization of what's happening is. Empaths tend to feel things that don't belong to them.  We absorb our surroundings, the population in general, pretty much any kind of energy...depending on our personal... Continue Reading →

When do you…

...trigger warnings a plenty I expect... We all have times in our lives when we either continue to take the garbage dumped on us by others or we take a stand.  How we take that stand is up to us,... Continue Reading →

Self Care

Trigger warning(s) - plus I'm rambling I was driving.  It was a nice, bright, cloud-dotted sky morning.  I felt a sudden rush of mixed emotions, but I opted to go with the self-love theme...mainly because I've worked hard to become... Continue Reading →

Highly Sensitive

I've been reading some HSP blogs and have had this issue come up for myself in my own meditations, etc. We need to become more aggressive in our setting of boundaries and the way we deal with the world at... Continue Reading →


Not all family is the same.  Mine happens to include several four-legged, furry individuals.  (trigger warning) And, if life doesn't give me an alternative, I will have to choose amongst my family.  I will have to choose whom to kill.... Continue Reading →


It's an over-used word.  But, alas, it's the best one for the subject at hand.   As an empath, hsp, etc I know only too well how it is to live as a chameleon.  To adjust who and what I... Continue Reading →

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