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To me the universe is a giant spectrum of greys (and many, many colors

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My life has been weird to say the least. But, of late, I’m having a few questions in the realm of my own interference in how the universe handles those “bad” people. It has come to my attention that maybe,... Continue Reading →

The Authentic Self

Trigger Warnings - I was watching another Spartan Life Coach video.  The topic of the self came up.  The authentic self after life-long abuse.  I can say with all certainty that who you really are, if you've lived a life... Continue Reading →

Nightmares Made Real

Trigger warnings - I woke and was relatively rested.  But something just hung in the air.  I couldn't shake it.  Everything felt off.  Then I remembered; the nightmare.  And it was so weird and yet...well... I was in my usual... Continue Reading →


Domestic Violence Awareness Month - that's what it means.  And violence takes many forms.  I won't bother with my story.  It's out there if anyone wants to hear it.  But I have made it part of my life to do... Continue Reading →

Pair Bonding

I decided to watch a youtube video on why a person is single.  Possible triggers warning: After all that I've been through in my life, let alone the last "relationship" (in quotes because I don't think it really qualifies as... Continue Reading →

Trauma is Trauma

Trigger Warning - My clowder has been so violently assaulted.  A neighbor's dog (and let's just say that more than one neighbor allows their canines to run loose and gets away with it) attacked the ferals.  One, I found dead.... Continue Reading →

Anniversary Triggers

Okay, if you've lived through any abuse or trauma, there are dates that set you off.  One of mine is quickly approaching.  It was a very difficult moment for me.  It was a necessary one.  It was one of the... Continue Reading →


Compersion is basically when you feel happiness for someone else because they are happy.  This, however, is a rough road when you're in a relationship and the other person wants to either move on or to enjoy the company of someone... Continue Reading →

Things that make you go….

....hmmmmm Probably trigger warnings.... I've not been feeling well.  My fms has kicked in to join the party.  So it's a whole lot of "bleh". A friend checks on me from time to time...."feeling any better?"  Well, no...but I try... Continue Reading →

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