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To me the universe is a giant spectrum of greys (and many, many colors

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Not all family is the same.  Mine happens to include several four-legged, furry individuals.  (trigger warning) And, if life doesn't give me an alternative, I will have to choose amongst my family.  I will have to choose whom to kill.... Continue Reading →


It's an over-used word.  But, alas, it's the best one for the subject at hand.   As an empath, hsp, etc I know only too well how it is to live as a chameleon.  To adjust who and what I... Continue Reading →

Stranger in a Strange Land

I guess some might call it a downswing - trigger warning There's been a guy wandering around the neighborhood.  He asks weird questions and made a comment about "you don't look disabled".  I didn't think about it much but was... Continue Reading →

Dissociating to Survive

Dissociation is generally a "bad" thing and we're encouraged to face our fears and emotions in order to heal.  Trigger warning:  Abuse discussion With a recent event, a sharp reminder that healing takes way more time than we think it... Continue Reading →


I suppose you can skip most of's merely a conglomerate of thoughts and musings and ramblings and.... Night before last I had a nightmare.  I was served with papers and had two hours to leave my home.  This had... Continue Reading →


Trigger warning - see subject.  🙂 A trigger (brief explanation) is something from our past that can set off strong emotional (or otherwise) reactions.  A smell might be a trigger, whether good or bad.  e.g. if grandma used to bake... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got My Own Back…

Maya Angelou I think.  And it's paramount to my own healing.  (trigger warning - swearing, stalking, etc) I've discovered that it's one of those things...the kind of thing that will be a touchstone for me in the days ahead. The... Continue Reading →

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Before we get off on the musical tangent ♫ I know that respect is earned, not haphazardly given.  But, once you've proven yourself as someone who is trustworthy and at the very least, willing to have someone's back - then... Continue Reading →

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