How do you write a first post and making it interesting enough so that those who need to read it come back, while making it clear to those who aren’t walking this path that it’s not for them.

I really don’t know.  All I know is there’s information that needs to be shared and perspectives that can help us all see things differently – sometimes.  I’m not big into absolutes.  To me the universe is a giant spectrum of greys (and many, many colors).  So to limit by stating “this is _____” just doesn’t sit well with me.

I am:

INFJ, HSP/HSE, with FMS & 43AQ

If someone is interested enough, they can research the letters.  If you recognize them without such research, welcome – we’ll have a few things to talk about.

Also, I’m an abuse survivor – in the midst of healing – so trigger warning – I might go off on a tangent or share information that can be difficult for some.  My fellow C-PTSD folks – you know of what I speak.

So…there you have it…a short blurb that basically means very little but maybe it gives you an idea what you may be in for if you continue to visit.