I am not one to go to the great “serves them right” arena…I try to be sympathetic and understanding, even to assholes.  Oh, btw…I swear.  You’ve been warned.  🙂

I have always been “good luck” to those who are kind to me…hell, even to those who haven’t been so much, but just because I guess I was there.  Isn’t that how good-luck charms work?  Anyway…seems a particularly evil one is now, without my “good luck” fairy dust presence, having some pretty intense issues.

I really don’t want to jump up and down and cheer…and yet I do.  My human nature wants to yell, “suck it!” while I dance around like a wild woman.  But, I eventually calm down and remember that “but for the grace of god/dess/s there go I”

That’s another thing…I have a strange relationship with deity.  I’ve been a christian.  At this time I am not any religion nor do I ever intend to be.  Yet, I can fill the role of pastor, counselor, whatever.  I am spiritual, but hold no solid view of right or wrong…EXCEPT:  Do no harm.  That’s it.  The only rule.

Many texts say “harm none” but that doesn’t cover it in my world.  We cannot help but cause some harm from time to time…it’s human nature.  Oft’ times it’s simply that we aren’t paying attention and it’s accidental.  So, we are not able to perfectly “harm none” but if we choose to DO no harm…we make a choice that if at all possible, we shall, to the best of our ability, not intentionally do anything that will cause harm to another life…and I include all life in that.  Not just human.

So, does my celebrating cause any harm?  Unless the energy of my moment is transferred to the offending party in more harm, I think not.  I think it’s just being human and feeling a sense of relief that somewhere, somehow, someone was looking out for me and a tiny bit of justice has been doled out in the world.

I do try to be careful tho’ – since I’m not full up on the knowledge of the universe and how it works…I mean no harm…not even to evil assholes.  Tho’ I guess my words might be up for scrutiny.  🙂