When you’re living away from your abuser, they will, from time to time, try to wreak havoc in your life because …well, that’s their nature.

I found out yesterday that my health insurance was cancelled.  I found out from the carrier that it was cancelled by the ea’s former place of employment, as it’s part of his retirement package.

I received no notice that this was happening.  Now, they may very well have a copy of something they say they sent..but I did not receive it.  I know the person responsible for sending such things.  I also know that ea has a tendency to steal mail when he thinks he can do so unnoticed.  And…if the notice was sent to him, he did not inform me.

According to the carrier – they do not cancel insurance on any spouse unless they have a legal document that says there has been a divorce.  Well, there ain’t even a separation agreement as ea refuses to negotiate or talk to my lawyer or get his own or whatever.  So, legally, he’s still responsible for me.  We shall see how this plays out.

I’ve a call into Medicaid to see if they can cover me or if I qualify.  I’ve an email into my lawyer asking if he can drop me.  I’ve an email into the boss of said person who might have sent the letter asking wtf (not really, just the general question).  I had to email the ea asking if he cancelled his insurance as he is known to do weird ass shit and this could be something if he thought he’d get money out of the deal.  He loves his money…and anyone else’s he can get hold of.

So…all that to say he’s fucking with me again and i don’t care.  It’s an inconvenience.  And if I’m lucky, he’s broken some law or whatever…tho’ there may be a loophole because the business provides the insurance…but I don’t care.  Really, it’s all just another step further away from his control and manipulations.

Yep, it means that he’s also likely conniving to oust me from the house.  But one step at a time.  I’ve got enough to work with.  That bridge is not today.

All this insurance stuff confuses me.  It’s outside my wheelhouse.  Plus, the last minute-ness of it is a bit disconcerting…but there again, it’s pretty much a tempest in a teapot.

I am getting a life…i am happy most of the time now without his abuse and manipulations.  He is obviously bored and in need of supervision.