For most people, the simple act of taking a bath (providing they enjoy such things) is not seen as anything overly special.  But for me…for me it will be a momentous occasion.  I have not had a bath in years…literally, YEARS.  Mostly because of the ea…but there was this little bit of me that hated to waste water.

Then, in a moment of clarity and insight, I realized that I am not a waste of water – in fact, I need water in my life and in large portions.  I take short showers.  I preserve as much water if not more than the average bear…so for this, I am allowed a little luxury.

How sad that water has become a luxury, but that’s another subject.  My baths are not just a hop in and out of a full tub.  Oh, no…mine are moments of basking in the warmth of the water while sipping on champagne and nibbling something luscious all while reading a book in candle light.  Yes, THAT is what I call a bath.

The final piece of the puzzle came today – a drain cover.  I did not have one.  I finally got some epsom salts (never tried them).  I have baking soda and some lavender oil.  I’m excited.  I’ve even a shelf-like thing in progress.  A board wrapped with some rope on the ends to keep it from falling off the tub.  It’s a big ol’ ball and claw foot thing.  So elegant in its age.  I’ll need to keep my phone elsewhere…but everything else should rest nicely on that board.

I’m an Aries but with lots and lots of water in my chart – so all that will feel like coming home when I step into that water tomorrow.

Not to sound like a hair color commercial, but I’m worth it!  🙂