It’s one of those days – the kind where I don’t know what I feel or why.  I should be used to it.  They happen.  But they’re always disconcerting.

I’ve been able to do some shamanic work.  LOVE!!!  I’ve learned and grown by leaps and bounds of late (maybe a side affect).  But still this sort of discontent.

I have to remind myself that it’s temporary.  I have to remember not to make decisions based on these moments.  Thankfully, I caught on to what was happening, but that’s not always the case.  Some days I don’t realize and fall into the abyss.  No, I don’t just look, I seem to leap.

Mostly, my soul is lonely.  I miss the one who comes to me in my dreams; who soothes and comforts me.  Where is he?

Then, in the light of any reality of someone being “here” I run for the hills to reclaim my solitude.  Does that mean I’m not ready?  or maybe that I’ve been burned so many times that I can’t believe it’s possible?  Or maybe I’m just tired and need some rest yet.

I’m opening up to the lessons and the people.  And, no doubt, I’m terrified and maybe in a bit of denial.

So, with nothing to soothe my soul this day, I’ll just get thru.  Hanging on until the ground returns under my feet.