Well, upstate NY had its big-ass snow storm.  When it comes this time of year it usually does a number.

I’ve shoveled for four days straight.  Today will be day five.  [insert every curse word known to man]  The fms is not at all pleased.  Nor the ddd.

My ferals have been snowed in…I’ve dug them out.  As of yesterday another piece of the roof snow landed in the space I’d just cleared…and another was threatening to give way.  I expect to go out this morning to find a significant amount of snow in the ferals’ space.  All I could do was hope that the avalanche didn’t catch any of them unawares.

So, with the fibro fog and the pain, I can feel my mood darken.  It’s “normal”.  But I don’t like it.  ♫slip sliding away♪

I know it’s temporary.  That’s good.  But various others in my life never seem to quite  catch on to the fact that I go dark sometimes.  Not because I really want to – but rather because I have to.  Now, yes, it would be nice if said individuals had the state of mind to simply send me supportive words and loving gestures.  That would make a world of difference, but it seems that they don’t work that way.  So, alone into the breach once more dear friends. Except for my feline family, I fight these battles alone.

On an up note – I’m a seasoned warrior.