I’ve been reading some HSP blogs and have had this issue come up for myself in my own meditations, etc.

We need to become more aggressive in our setting of boundaries and the way we deal with the world at large.  Yes, we tend toward the aquiescent end of the scale.  But my biggest realization is:  WHY?

Why should we basically alter who and what we are to fit into this world?  Isn’t that self abuse?  Isn’t that doing to ourselves what that world does to us every friggin’ day?  I’m feeling a bit rebellious about the subject.  I wonder how many other sensitives feel similarly.

We are told to be “warriors” and to be bolder and louder and to speak our truth and to do, do, do, do….all to “fit in” with this world.  Well, weren’t we sent here to be different?  Aren’t we here to create a different kind of world?  And how does using techniques in place change anything?

I’d rather be a representative of who and what I am.  I would rather show that we can stand quietly and keep our composure while we gently lay our foot upon the path.  I would much prefer to say kind words than have to argue about why someone else is wrong.  I want to set an example by being exactly who I am…I shouldn’t have to change that to make a point, because in so doing, we are no longer ourselves.

So…to all my fellow hsp’s, hse’s, empaths, sensitives, aspies, – instead of feeling bullied to become that which you are not, maybe we just figure out how to be the best version of ourselves.  Yes, that means people will take advantage of us.  It means we’ll get picked on and trampled and otherwise messed with.  But at the end of the day, I think we all prefer to be abused for our gifts than praised for becoming something we’re not.