Compersion is basically when you feel happiness for someone else because they are happy.  This, however, is a rough road when you’re in a relationship and the other person wants to either move on or to enjoy the company of someone else in addition to you.

Most would equate that with cheating, but anyone familiar with polyamory will likely have at least tripped over the word once or twice.

Given that we’re raised in this country to protect “what’s ours” it’s no wonder the term is pretty much unknown.  But…if it were something we learned as children, I imagine this world would be much different.

Possessiveness takes its toll.  We live in a world that says someone is going to take it away and we’ll be left with nothing…which in turn creates a mindset of not having what you need (let alone what you want) and so the cycle continues over and over.

But we don’t have to live the way we were raised.  We can choose a different path.  Even if it is so foreign to our minds and hearts.  Imagine what you would do if you knew that no one would begrudge you seeking your heart’s desire, but instead would be happy for you and encourage you.  I wonder how many of us can even go there.

It’s a good word.  It’s a good practice.  We need more of it.  Hell, we need even a tiny bit of it, just to seed the world.