Feral Soul

No Defenses

Trigger warnings...(I should just make that the name of the site for pete's sake) I got a newsletter and it sparked some thought that is not new to me, but I've not yet recorded.  Here goes... When it comes to... Continue Reading →


Humans are Confusing

I don't know...maybe triggers... Asperger's has it's good points.  I don't mind most of my quirks.  It's only when I have to interact with humans that it starts to get tricky.  And, living amongst them, it's kind of necessary to... Continue Reading →

Stockholms Syndrome

Triggers Solar Return is upon me. And in hindsight, there were no "happy" birthdays that I can remember.  And I realized that so much of what went on in my past was influenced (forced) by others.  The abusers expected me... Continue Reading →

Phone Suck

trigger usual Okay...this may not be true of many but it's surely true of me.  I HATE talking on the phone.  It feels weird.  It's not my best way to communicate.  I often miss tone and intent on the... Continue Reading →

Dancing in the Dark

Trigger warnings.... I like that subject.  I liked the song.  I like a lot of things.  More so now that I'm on my own.  And...yet... As an Aspie and an abuse survivor, there is this phenomenon where I don't know... Continue Reading →


Trigger warnings There is a phenomenon where a victim of abuse is not believed.  No, the horrors are too much for the human mind to comprehend, so it decides that no one could be that evil. Well, there's a side... Continue Reading →

When You Have a Stalker

Trigger warnings.... You pretty well have to keep a lot to yourself or confide in only vetted and trusted individuals.  And it makes finding help with certain things nigh unto impossible. I managed to move.  Thanks to a few family... Continue Reading →

Some Decisions….

....never feel right. Trigger warnings I have cared for a feral clowder for several years now.  Given my life circumstances, I am being "forced" to "abandon" them.  Now, a little explanation before my fellow animal lovers dive in with all... Continue Reading →

What I Meant Was…

just in case, trigger warnings... I think I have a habit of living in my head so much that when I do allow words to flow, they don't often make sense to others.  What?  You mean you couldn't hear that... Continue Reading →

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