Feral Soul

Autism Awareness +

It has come to my attention that April is autism awareness month.  I had cause to tune into my own sensitivities in the last couple days, so it seemed appropriate to leave a little post. In the spirit of autism... Continue Reading →


Listening Device Planted in my home by ea..... The C stands for Complex - trigger warning - just in case... My baby boy was sleeping on his pillow.  A car slammed its door...he startled and started to sit up.  The... Continue Reading →

The Fog

Fibro Fog (insert James bond voice).  - probably the worst thing about this phenomenon is that you don't always know it's happening when it is.  And you have to pay attention to the clues, which is difficult since you're in... Continue Reading →

Snow Storm 2017

Well, upstate NY had its big-ass snow storm.  When it comes this time of year it usually does a number. I've shoveled for four days straight.  Today will be day five.  [insert every curse word known to man]  The fms... Continue Reading →

Self Care Continues

I tend toward the comfort of others.  That's most of what's gotten me into trouble with being abused and other unsavory characters... Truly, I think I'm mostly just overwhelmed.  Too much of everything.  My neck has been hurting quite badly... Continue Reading →

NPD A Documentary    

Pain Sucks

Trigger warning - just in case - 'cause I never know.... FMS, DDD, +... My back seized up on me a few days ago.  Now, I'm doing better, but it's still very limiting and frustrating.  I don't do "sitting still"... Continue Reading →


It's one of those days - the kind where I don't know what I feel or why.  I should be used to it.  They happen.  But they're always disconcerting. I've been able to do some shamanic work.  LOVE!!!  I've learned... Continue Reading →


If you could read my life story, you might not agree...but, 'tis true.  I am one of the luckiest people on the planet.  Why?  you ask?  Well, I'll tell you.... I savor my alone time - which, can get a... Continue Reading →

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