Feral Soul

C-PTSD Moments

Trigger warnings - Nightmares are pretty well a common theme in my life.  I tend to move toward the positive, the gratitude, anything that is not my past.  However, every once in a while it's necessary to "relive" the evil... Continue Reading →


Wow Moments

I have no idea, but what the hey...trigger warnings.... Occasionally (more and more lately) I am blessed with various confirmations that I'm on the right track.  And after having lived a good five decades lost and totally pointed astray by... Continue Reading →


Apart from the Tick's war cry, I think I want to venture in another direction... Trigger warnings, btw I have fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease, plus a few other things that just feel like I'm showing off when I list... Continue Reading →

Car Mechanics – Monro

Trigger warnings So, about a year and a half ago, I bought a run down, beat up, old minivan.  Now, I didn’t have anyone to help me with it.  And the dealer was a hard sell person and a creep,... Continue Reading →

When They Go

Trigger warnings a plenty - pet euthanasia It's a weird thing.  When you talk about having to put down a pet, the judgment comes out from nearly everyone.  Not everyone, but plenty.  people in the rescue area of life will... Continue Reading →

The Sociopath & You

Trigger warnings.... Sadly, I grew up with a sociopath.  Then I went on to marry one (or maybe more, the jury is still out on a few relationships).  Once I managed to remove the abuser from my current life (as... Continue Reading →


Probably some triggers - be warned It's I guess.  I have to "tell" (translated...send an email since I cannot and will not have an actual conversation with the evil asshole) ea that money has changed (due to his failure... Continue Reading →

Social Obligations

Okay, it's that time of year in the US.  Holidays and the status quo to buy, do, visit; all encompassing "must" do's. In case it's not been clear thus far, I'm not overly thrilled by any kind of social mores... Continue Reading →

Asperger’s & Me

Relationships are challenging for anyone, but for someone on the spectrum...well, here's a few things that came to mind that I feel necessary to navigate those particular waters: Please explain things to me. What seems common sense to most may... Continue Reading →

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