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Autism Awareness +

It has come to my attention that April is autism awareness month.  I had cause to tune into my own sensitivities in the last couple days, so it seemed appropriate to leave a little post. In the spirit of autism... Continue Reading →



It's one of those days - the kind where I don't know what I feel or why.  I should be used to it.  They happen.  But they're always disconcerting. I've been able to do some shamanic work.  LOVE!!!  I've learned... Continue Reading →


Alright - I should be used to it...but it still gives me pause.  I will concede that maybe, just maybe, there is some viable idea that my lack of socialization as a child could be translated into Asperger's now.  The counselor... Continue Reading →




For most of my life I can pretty much say I did not have too many meltdowns...mostly I had shutdowns.  For those unfamiliar, if I can summarize, a meltdown is an intense emotional outburst/reaction to a set of overstimulating circumstances... Continue Reading →


Gosh, I hope I spelled that correctly. As is my practice, I think, I think some more, I ponder, I wrap my brain around it all...then I pull a card or several and end up finding out that my feelings... Continue Reading →

Repeating History's not like it sounds...or maybe it is.  My past is pretty formidable.  Not as bad as many, but I've learned not to make comparisons.  What is good for the spider is chaos for the fly. One of my early... Continue Reading →

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